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Tamika and Friends

A national non profit organization designed to raise awareness about cervical cancer and its link to the human papillomavirus through a network of survivors and their friends.

National HPV & Cervical Cancer Prevention Hotline

1-877-HPV-5868 (toll-free)

2-7 p.m., EST, Monday through Friday

Cervical Cancer and HPV Test Info

Say Something

A program with the goal of reaching even more women - in more places - with the message that HPV causes cervical cancer and with the right education and proper screening, this cancer will be eliminated

Fertile Hope

Fertile HOPE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients faced with infertility

National Cervical Cancer Coalition

NCCC founded in 1996, is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to serving women with, or at risk for, cervical cancer and HPV disease

Gynecological Cancer Foundation

To provide women with knowledge about the risks, prevention, early detection and treatment of gynecologic cancer and empower them to become the best advocates for their health

Center for Disease Control

Human Papillomavirus Infection Info

Women’s Cancer Network

Women’s Cancer Network, developed by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation and Cancer Source for women and their families

American Cancer Society

Hyster Sisters

An online community of women who give and receive support for hysterectomy decisions and recovery

The Yellow Umbrella Organization

Working TOGETHER, to empower and educate women of ALL ages about HPV and cervical cancer prevention

Partnership to End Cervical Cancer

To ensure the inclusion of vaccination to prevent cervical cancer, along with screening, as part of routine preventive healthcare for all women in the United States

The National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign

Find up-to-date information about the Cervical Cancer Campaign

American Social Health Association

Locate the National HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Resource Center, find numbers for support groups and information lines for HPV and cervical cancer, and read about legislative laws pertaining to HPV and cervical cancer testing

Eyes on the Prize

Women with cervical, uterine (endometrial and sarcoma), ovarian, vaginal, vulva, gestational, and tubal cancer join together to share information and emotional support for living with reproductive cancers

My Life Line

Connect. Inspire. Heal. Bonding Cancer Patients and Survivors with Family and Friends

Imerman Angels

One-on-One Cancer Support: Connecting cancer fighters, survivors & caregivers

Cure Magazine